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What Can You Expect From a Criminal Defense Attorney? Your Questions Answered


No matter the crime you’ve committed, it’s likely that you’ll want to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney. That being said, if this is your first time working with a lawyer, it can be difficult to know exactly what to expect. Other stats are relatively simple to wrap your head around. For example, every two minutes, a person is injured in a car crash.

Legal matters, on the other hand, are a bit more complex and nebulous. So if you’ve never worked with a criminal defense attorney before, here’s what you can expect.

Negotiating Deals
More often than not, a DUI lawyer or drug lawyer will work with you and the prosecutor in an attempt to negotiate what is often called a “plea deal.” These dealings can help reduce your potential sentence or even eliminate some of the charges brought up against you. But it should be noted that the vast majority of prosecutors will not work with defendants who choose to represent themselves.

Providing Reality Checks
While a good lawyer will help you deal with an emotional situation, they aren’t there to provide comfort 24/7. Rather, they are there to help guide you through the reality of a potentially serious situation that may not pan out entirely well. So while you should be able to confide in your attorney, they will not double as a therapist.

Navigating Murky Legal Waters
Unless you’re a criminal defense lawyer, there are aspects of the law that you’re not going to understand. Fortunately, this is your lawyer’s job! If you have questions about how the legal process works or what laws and regulations you need to be aware of, they’ll take care of answering them. In addition, they will guide you through some of the more complex legal paperwork and ensure that everything is in order for your case to proceed in a successful manner.

No two lawyers operate in exactly the same way, but these are the basic duties that the vast majority of criminal defense lawyers perform. So whether you’re accused of drug possession or another crime, this is a short look at what you can expect from a criminal defense lawyer.

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