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3 Common Reasons Couples File For Divorce, According To Divorce Attorneys


Relationships end for all sorts of reasons. Whether a couple simply drifts apart or there are bitter fights and allegations involved, the reasons behind a separation will largely depend on the couple and their circumstances. But there are certain trends that emerge as to why couples file for divorce. For example, a Swedish study found that people who spend more than 45 minutes commuting are more likely to divorce. Of course, correlation is not necessarily causation, and there are plenty of much more common reasons for divorce that divorce attorneys hear every day. Below, you'll find just three of these popular reasons for divorce.

  1. Refusal to seek help or make improvements

    You know what they say: it takes two to tango. When one partner isn't willing to put the work in or seek help for a problem, whether it be depression, addiction, anger issues, or disputes that could be addressed in couple's counseling, that attitude will often show the other partner that individual doesn't really care about their relationship or about self-improvement. With any of the aforementioned issues, a spouse will be unable to be a good partner, and their lack of motivation shows they don't really see why they should become one in the future. Unfortunately, this will often result in a divorce filing.

  2. Money squabbles

    Finances can be a sore spot in many relationships. In fact, money (a lack of it or how couples feel about it) can actually predict whether a marriage will be successful. Financial difficulties can certainly be the catalyst for divorce due to the strain it puts on a relationship. If a couple is incompatible in terms of their finances, that can lead to problems as well. For example, if one partner is totally incapable of saving and spends all of their money in one fell swoop, that can certainly rock a marriage. And of course, if someone marries for money, that can lead to all sorts of relationship issues. No matter the circumstances, valuing money over the relationship or allowing it to negatively impact a marriage will likely result in separation or divorce.

  3. Infidelity

    Infidelity may be the sign of a partner who's unable to commit and be faithful, but it may also indicate that something else is lacking in the relationship. This could be symptomatic of dwindling intimacy, increased disagreements, communication issues, or any number of problems. But regardless of whether it's a symptom of another problem or whether the cheating is the problem itself, it's likely going to cause a rift in any relationship. Many times, this damage is too extensive to repair and requires help from a divorce lawyer to move forward.

Whether the above reasons for divorce sound eerily familiar to you or not, you may find yourself in need of divorce help at some point down the line. If and when you do, schedule a consultation with a reputable divorce attorney to ensure that your rights are protected throughout this process. This time may be an emotionally painful one, so it's important that you have someone compassionate and knowledgeable by your side to help guide you through.

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