Is your decision to divorce a good choice?

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Feelings of unhappiness can spur anyone into wanting to make significant life changes. In your case, you may feel that your marital relationship is no longer happy and healthy, and because of that feeling, you have decided to gain more information on divorce.

Having the right legal information during this time can prove immensely useful, but it is also important that you focus on personal aspects as well. Jumping into this decision without feeling sure it is the right choice could cause complications later.

Making the right decision

Consider the following questions before finalizing your decision:

  • Have you gone to therapy?
  • Have you and your spouse gone to couple’s counseling?
  • Do you and your spouse both want to divorce?
  • Have you made other efforts to pinpoint your problems and work through them?

If you answered yes to these questions, you may feel confident in your decision to divorce.

Understand your finances

Many families have one individual who handles the finances. If you don’t have a solid understanding of the family finances, obtaining financial documents could help you develop a clearer picture of your family’s situation.

Understanding your finances can also help you determine whether you need spousal support.

Consider property division laws

In Virginia, property division follows equitable distribution laws. The court will divide marital property as fairly as possible, which does not necessarily mean it will be an equal split. Your marital property will consist of assets obtained after your marriage, and if you have property you want to keep, you may need to get ready to fight for those assets.

Get help

Divorce proceedings are often complex, and even if you and your spouse want to end the marriage, you may face conflict during the legal process. Fortunately, you will have an advocate on your side if you enlist the help of a legal professional.


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