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How does a person secure a no-fault divorce in Virginia?

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2019 | Divorce

Before this post offers information on the above-mentioned question, readers are asked to remember that this Harrisonburg-based legal blog does not provide advice or legal guidance. Individuals who wish to pursue no-fault divorces are encouraged to talk to their own family law attorneys about the requirements that they will face in order to accomplish their goals. No-fault divorces are complex legal processes that should be managed with knowledge and care.

A no-fault divorce is one in which the parties do not allege that either has committed a fault-based grounds for ending their marriage. Fault grounds can include but are not limited to adultery, criminal conviction, cruelty and others. Those who have not experienced fault grounds in their relationships or who do not wish to discuss their personal lives in court may opt to use the no-fault basis for ending their marriages.

A no-fault divorce may be pursued after a year of separation. During their separation the parties must live apart and function as individuals no longer working toward the success of their marriage. Individuals who wish to secure no-fault divorces must meet other divorce requirements, which can include court fees and residency requirements, in order to bring their marriages to their ends.

A no-fault divorce may not bring a marriage to an immediate end as it requires the parties to separate first and then pursue the legal termination of their relationship. During a period of separation a person may want to find a trusted family law attorney to advise them of how to prepare for their pending no-fault divorce and steps they can take to ease the process once it officially begins.

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