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How long can spousal support last in Virginia?

On Behalf of | May 31, 2019 | Divorce

Despite a couple’s best intention, not all marriages last forever. In fact, a large percentage of marriages are ending in divorce in Virginia. A divorce is an emotional time for both spouses with a lot of things at stake. Figuring out the important matters in a divorce is important and this may include spousal support. But how long should a person expect to pay spousal support in Virginia?

Spousal support can be awarded to a spouse during the divorce proceedings. There are certain circumstances in which a spouse can be awarded spousal support. Typically, spousal support is awarded by the courts when the marriage was long-lasting and there is a large gap of income between the two spouses. It can also be awarded if one of the spouses is disabled or doesn’t have a job. Spousal support does not have to last forever. When the spousal support is set it can be for a limited duration which allows the spouse to go back to school or find a job so that they can be self-sufficient. Spousal support may also end if the spouse receiving the support is living with another person in a relationship for a year or more. Either side can go back to court to request a change in spousal support due to substantially changed circumstances as well.

If a person is trying to figure out how spousal support is going to affect the divorce settlement, they may want to speak with a legal professional who specializes in divorce. An attorney understands that their client may not be thrilled to have to pay spousal support for a long period of time and wants answers as to how spousal support may affect their future. An attorney understands Virginia law and will help their client create a spousal support plan that makes sense for their situation. They will advocate for their client’s needs and make sure their rights are protected.

Virginia has unique laws regarding divorce, and it is important for a person to have an attorney who understands how divorce works. A divorce is an emotional and financially draining time for a person and having an advocate on their side can be a blessing.

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