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Coping with a divorce while at work

When someone living in Virginia is going through a personal trauma, it can be hard to so much as get out of bed to drag oneself into work. Though it is acceptable, and probably best, to take some personal time off when times are tough, individuals eventually need to pull themselves together enough so that they do not risk losing their jobs. Though it may seem impossible at first, there are things that can help.

Though it is okay to confide in one or two close work friends, it is best for people going through a divorce to leave their personal issues at home. One exception would be to let a supervisor or boss know what is going on, in general terms. Not giving a superior a head’s up about the divorce may result in less sympathy and more problems if an employee later performs poorly on a project that he or she was unable to handle. If someone feels he or she cannot meet a particular deadline or perform up to standards due to a divorce, that person should let the boss know ahead of time.

Having a support group outside of work is also important. Though it may be tempting for some to throw themselves into their work as a distraction, the only way to truly move on is to face one’s feelings, which requires emotional support. People should be aware of the unhealthy coping mechanisms they start to adapt when going through a separation and adjust their behavior accordingly.

Dealing with the emotional impact of a divorce is hard enough without having to worry about how to allocate marital assets or how to agree on a child custody schedule. A Virginia-licensed attorney who handles divorce/child custody issues can help alleviate some of the stress associated with these more legal aspects of a divorce.

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