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Keys to successful joint custody

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2020 | Child Custody

When you have joint custody in Virginia, being able to work with your ex harmoniously is a must. Otherwise, the relationship can be mired in hostility and litigation. However, through making rules for yourself and sticking to them, you can make joint custody smoother for you and your children.

Be mindful about how you speak

The most important thing is to not speak ill of your children’s other parent. You also should be careful about how you speak to him or her as well. Further, the overarching rule of your joint custody arrangement is that the children should come first. The ultimate goal of joint custody is to create a childhood that will form the basis of your children’s successes as adults.

You want the other parent to succeed

Remember that you need to put what happened in your marriage behind you when it comes to sharing custody. A person can be a bad spouse and a good parent. You are invested in the success of your ex-spouse as a parent because it will impact your children.

Communication is key

Communication will form the basis of the co-parenting relationship. It is critical that, even if you were not able to communicate before, you learn a way to do so now. You will need to be in frequent touch with your child’s other parent. At the same time, you should resist the urge to argue and choose your battles wisely. You will want to set the tone for a positive relationship.

A productive joint custody arrangement originates from a divorce agreement that sets the conditions for success. In other words, without a solid custody arrangement as a foundation, there is no relationship. A custody attorney can help you negotiate an agreement with the other parent that will allow you to share time and decision-making responsibilities for your children.

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