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Estate Planning: Protect Your Legacy And Interests

Big Valley Law has built a strong reputation in the complex issues of estate litigation.
When a will or estate is contested, family strife and emotions make a bad legal situation even more painful. As time wears on without resolution, the ill will only grows worse and the estate can be whittled away. That’s why it’s smart to get a good, experienced estate lawyer who knows Virginia law pertaining to wills, trusts and estates.

If you are involved in an estate dispute, it is wise to have the best legal counsel possible to resolve the case more quickly and fairly and without the mounting legal fees that can be encountered as improperly handled cases linger far too long. You need a skilled attorney acting as your advocate and protecting your interests, whether you are the one being challenged or you feel that the estate was settled unfairly.

Big Valley Law is your legal advocate protecting your interests whether you’re a plaintiff bringing an action against a trustee or representative or a defendant in an estate or trust dispute. Our attorneys can resolve will contests that question the validity of a will when a loved one was unduly influenced by another relative or decisions were made with diminished mental capacity. We are also experienced with breach of fiduciary duty actions that may have involved fraud, theft, self-dealing or embezzlement.

We help clients who wish to contest a will or bring an action against a trustee or representative. We also represent those who have been accused of breaching a fiduciary duty. Contact us today.