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Child Custody Visitation

Big Valley Law For The Best Interests Of Your Children

Our child support and visitation attorneys have been helping Virginia families rebuild better lives for many years. With decades of combined experience in family law, we know how to use legal expertise to protect the best interests of our clients and their children.

Our family law attorneys know how important custody and visitation arrangements can be to you and your children. You want to be a meaningful part of their lives, and we are here to protect your rights as a parent.

Through our child custody and visitation practice, we help men and women at all stages of a divorce or child custody dispute, starting with the initial filing through post-judgment requests for modification including enforcement of final orders and parental relocation disputes.

Laws and procedures are tools we use to help you make the best situation for your children. Legal and physical custody, joint or sole custody, a parenting plan — these are just a few of the tools we use. Through our expertise in family law, we can address your specific medical, educational and religious concerns and help you build the future and lifestyle that you want for your child.