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Enforcement Of Divorce Orders

When It’s Not Over Even After The Divorce Is Final

A divorce decree or child custody order should be “the final answer,” but sometimes the case still isn’t over. That’s when enforcement proceedings are necessary to make the other party comply.

Disagreements over compliance with court orders usually revolve around property, support or visitation. The other party may refuse to follow through on property division, not pay the agreed alimony or child support, or not abide by the rules of child custody and visitation.

It is frustrating to watch the other party shirk his or her responsibilities. How can you get your ex-husband or ex-wife to comply? In some cases, court intervention may become necessary. At Big Valley Law, we stand on your side to make your ex live up to his or her legal obligations. We will help you stand up for your rights and interests.

If you find yourself facing an enforcement action, the courts have powerful tools at their disposal to enforce orders. If the judge finds that you have failed to comply, he or she can find you in contempt of court. This, in turn, can potentially lead to severe sanctions ranging from financial penalties to jail time. Before imposing sanctions, the court will hold a show-cause hearing. This is a critical opportunity for you to present your side of the story, and the family law experts at Big Valley Law are there to help you navigate the process.