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Property Division

Property Division In Virginia Divorce

Virginia law calls for an equitable distribution of a marital estate. This does not necessarily mean an equal distribution.
An experienced lawyer can help you find a fair, equitable way to divide your marital estate. The family law practice at Big Valley Law will guide you in protecting your immediate and long-term interests through settlement negotiations or liquidation.

Our Harrisonburg law firm has represented many men and women in Rockingham County and throughout the Shenandoah Valley. Our divorce attorneys can address what is marital property versus separately owned property and help you determine the value of those jointly owned assets. From there we can help clients find a practical division of the total estate: the marital residence, other real estate, a business, pensions and retirement, savings accounts, cars, jewelry and valuables less the credit card balances, debts, mortgages, loans and other liabilities.

Big Valley Law is there to explain your options and obligations under the equitable distribution laws of Virginia and will help you strategize the division of assets and debts.