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Parental Relocation

Parental Relocation? Big Valley Law Can Help.

Sometimes you have to move due to job changes, financial pressures or family concerns. But taking your children with you can raise complicated legal considerations. How does a move impact your child custody arrangement?

The attorneys of Big Valley Law have the experience to handle parental relocation issues on behalf of either custodial or noncustodial parents.

Judges are reluctant to disrupt children’s lives through a significant move. If the other parent opposes the move, multiple court hearings and volumes of evidence and arguments may be involved.

If you are seeking to relocate out of state, the ramifications are more complex. Not only will the child custody arrangement be affected, but the issue of jurisdiction — that is, which state’s courts have a say in custody decisions — must also be sorted out. Virginia courts examine these cases closely to make sure that a move is in the child’ best interest.

How will the move impact the children’s day-to-day lives? How will it affect their educational opportunities? How will it impact their support structure of family, friends and relatives? How will it affect the children’s relationships with the other parent?

Whether you are seeking permission to move or seeking to prevent the other parent from relocating the children, Big Valley Law provides skilled and experienced representation.