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Protective Orders

More than 35,000 domestic abuse protective orders are filed each year. The Virginia Office of the Attorney General takes allegations of violence seriously. Our lawyers draw on more than 60 years of combined experience to help clients make informed decisions in seeking an order of protection.

In Virginia, an emergency protective order can be obtained any time of day or night for protection from immediate danger.

A preliminary protective order is the first step toward obtaining a permanent order, and it lasts up to 15 days. A final or permanent order lasts up to two years.

An order of protection can impose a no-contact provision, require treatment or counseling, temporarily change child custody or visitation, or even grant you sole occupancy of a residence.

Because of the potentially broad impact of protective orders, obtaining them or defending against them is best accomplished with professional legal help.

Protective orders can have a direct and dramatic impact on any underlying divorce or custody case, and they show up on background checks.

The attorneys of Big Valley Law are well-versed in handling protective order cases for both those seeking protection and those challenging such orders.