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Motorcycle Accidents

Compensation For Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Four out of five motorcycle accidents result in serious injury to the motorcycle operator or passengers. Bike crashes can change your life with spinal injuries, head trauma, broken bones and severe abrasions.

The lawyers of Big Valley Law bring decades of combined experience and an insider’s perspective on the insurance industry to your personal injury case. This is experience that counts when you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident because of the serious injuries or loss of life that may be involved.

Experience shows that drivers fail to see motorcycles and because of their negligence, they may turn left without yielding, change lanes without looking, tailgate or drive carelessly, or drive impaired.

We make sure you are covered for the long-term impact of injuries: past and future medical care, lost wages and projected earnings, permanent disability, and pain and suffering.

Attorney Robert Hahn formerly worked in insurance defense. He knows the tactics that insurance companies use to deny or downplay damages for a serious accident. He uses those insights to address insurance disputes and make the negligent party pay. Our legal team is fully prepared to go to trial to protect the rights and needs of our clients.