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Child Support Alimony

Spousal Support And Child Support

Support for yourself and your child are a primary concern for those going through a divorce. The family law attorneys of Big Valley Law are experienced in all aspects of child support and alimony.

From initial determination of financial support to post-divorce modifications of court orders, we protect the interests of our clients. Our attorneys at the law offices in Harrisonburg have the knowledge and experience in making sure that all relevant income is verified, including commissions, seasonal income, or self-employment. We represent either parent in petitioning or challenging an adjustment to the level of child support.

We make sure your rights are protected and that any proposed child support order is in full compliance with the guidelines of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Protecting Your Financial Interests: Spousal Support And Alimony

Alimony lawyers help you answer the question: “How much spousal support is fair?” When negotiating a divorce settlement, our family lawyers help determine how much alimony the court will consider to be fair. Spousal support is often negotiated as part of the overall property settlement. We can explore solutions such as letting one spouse keep the house in lieu of alimony.

Big Valley Law will help you resolve child or spousal support disputes at any stage of a divorce, whether you have just filed and need to put a temporary order in place or your divorce is final and you need counsel in proceedings to modify or enforce an existing divorce decree.