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Penalties for distributing controlled substances near schools

Virginia law enforcement takes drug crimes seriously. These crimes often carry serious penalties, which even as a first-time offense can greatly affect a person's life. There are many different ways in which drug crimes are prosecuted with even more severe penalties, including distributing controlled substances near a school.

Although Virginia has very strict drug distribution penalties, they can carry even more severe penalties under certain circumstances. One of those situations is if the person arrested for drug distribution was near certain areas. These areas include all schools, day care center, school buses, libraries, recreation centers, community center or college campus.

Money disputes are for wealthy couples, too

When you and your spouse married, you may have expected your life to be comfortable. If either or both of you earn a significant salary, you probably thought money would not be an issue. As a result, you may have expected your marriage to be secure since money disputes are the root of many divorces.

It may have come as a shock to you when you and your spouse began to argue about money. While it may be a small comfort, you are not alone. Disagreements about money are not restricted to those couples who do not have any. In fact, couples with substantial assets may still have basic differences in their financial philosophies.

Reacting to accusations of domestic violence

Few people will disagree that domestic violence is a serious crime. Someone who abuses a spouse or other family member asserts power and control, whether through emotional or psychological tactics or sheer physical strength.

Victims of domestic violence may suffer in silence because they feel powerless to escape or to change their situations. Because of this, laws err on the side of the victims whose lives are often in danger.

You don't have to face child custody matters alone

Although divorce marks the end of a relationship for a married couple, the love and devotion each person feels for their children still very much remains. That's exactly why navigating the pressures and difficulties of child custody and visitation matters can be so emotionally taxing. Going through the divorce itself is undoubtedly draining, but trying to make sure a fair plan is worked out that benefits each child can be even more stressful.

Parental relocation after a divorce

Many parents in the Harrisonburg area are divorced. Working out child custody and visitation agreements after a divorce can be a complicated affair. Life does not always stay the same, and sometimes, a parent finds themselves facing the need to move somewhere else. Whether the move is for a job or personal reasons, parental relocation can make child custody complicated.

If a parent wants to move with their minor child, then they must let the court and the other parent know with at least a 30-day notice. The other parent may disagree, and if that is the case, then the court will make the decision. If the court has to decide whether the parent can move with the child, there are certain things they will look into. First, the court will examine whether the move is in the best interest of the child.

Common medical condition can affect breathalyzer results

Now that summer has arrived, many Harrisonburg residents are spending time relaxing with family and friends. Many of these gatherings include food and alcoholic beverages. When a Harrisonburg resident has imbibed alcoholic beverages, they risk the chance of being pulled over by local officials for drinking and driving.

Most people don't purposely drive when they're drunk. They understand that this can be a dangerous situation for everyone on the road. When a person is pulled over for drunk driving, they can feel frightened and not know what to do, especially if they've only had a few drinks. They may be given a field sobriety test and a breathalyzer test. But, sometimes a breathalyzer test doesn't tell the whole story.

Is your teen facing drunk driving charges?

As Harrisonburg parents of teens know, their kids don't always make the best decisions. Teens are constantly pushing the limits of what is acceptable and going against their parent's wishes. Most of the time teens are able to stay safe, but, occasionally, their choices result in an arrest. A DUI is a serious problem for teens who have been arrested.

Virginia has a zero tolerance law for teenage drinking and driving. If you are under the age of 21 and have any alcohol in your system, you can be arrested for drinking and driving. Even just one drink can cause serious problems for a teenager. A DUI conviction in Virginia can result in thousands of dollars in fines, a driver's license suspension, community service, an alcohol education program, and probation. A DUI can also create a permanent criminal record for a teen. This criminal record may hurt their college admissions chances, their ability to qualify for scholarships and future graduate schools.

Advice is nice, but you have control over your divorce story

Relationship issues affect almost every couple. Even if individuals do not realize it, they may be experiencing marital problems that could soon come to be too much to handle. Over time, some parties may choose to end their marriages for various reasons.

If you have recently begun thinking about divorce or recently filed a divorce petition, you may be experiencing a myriad of emotions. You may feel saddened by the fact that your relationship did not turn out as you had once hoped, but you may also feel relieved that you have the chance to start a new chapter in your life.

Officers do not have free rein in searches and seizures

Depending on your prior interactions with law enforcement, you may have a profound respect for officers, a healthy suspicion or, possibly, a bit of both. Whatever feelings you may have toward Virginia law enforcement, you understand they have authority. Still, it is also important to remember that their authority only reaches so far.

Law enforcement officers do not have freedom to do whatever they please whenever they want to do it. For instance, even if officers suspect you of illegal activity, they typically cannot barge into your home to conduct a search for evidence. They must follow certain procedures and have valid cause for carrying out a search.

How long can spousal support last in Virginia?

Despite a couple's best intention, not all marriages last forever. In fact, a large percentage of marriages are ending in divorce in Virginia. A divorce is an emotional time for both spouses with a lot of things at stake. Figuring out the important matters in a divorce is important and this may include spousal support. But how long should a person expect to pay spousal support in Virginia?

Spousal support can be awarded to a spouse during the divorce proceedings. There are certain circumstances in which a spouse can be awarded spousal support. Typically, spousal support is awarded by the courts when the marriage was long-lasting and there is a large gap of income between the two spouses. It can also be awarded if one of the spouses is disabled or doesn't have a job. Spousal support does not have to last forever. When the spousal support is set it can be for a limited duration which allows the spouse to go back to school or find a job so that they can be self-sufficient. Spousal support may also end if the spouse receiving the support is living with another person in a relationship for a year or more. Either side can go back to court to request a change in spousal support due to substantially changed circumstances as well.

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