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Criminal Defense Lawyers Who Can Fight Charges Of Drug Manufacturing

If police find chemicals, equipment or other manufacturing paraphernalia, you may face charges of drug manufacturing. Drug manufacturing is a felony offense with serious legal consequences. The consequences depend on the quantity and type of drug involved, including illegal substances such as crystal meth, LSD, crack/cocaine, PCP and ecstasy.

The legal team at Big Valley Law knows how to help defend against these charges. We have experience in building a defense based on the validity of search and seizure, the credibility of confidential informants, the chain of custody of the evidence, and the chemical and scientific evidence involved.

We are aggressive and experienced in finding defense options to see if the charges can be dismissed or reduced, and we will protect your rights if your case goes to trial.

Big Valley Law built its reputation on criminal defense. We have the background, connections and knowledge. Our lawyers know how to uncover weaknesses in the prosecution’s case because they have unique perspectives, insights and courtroom connections as former prosecutors in Virginia.

Our staff investigator has been invaluable to our clients who are facing drug charges because he has an extensive background as a veteran of the commonwealth supervising high-risk drug offenders. His experience and training in courtroom procedures, drug testing and substance abuse are invaluable to our clients.

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