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Prescription Drugs — The Charge Is Just As Serious As Street Drugs

Men and women of all backgrounds can find themselves behind bars for illegal possession of prescription medication. Many people facing these charges don’t fit the stereotype of a drug dealer. It can be the clean-cut college student abusing Ritalin or Adderall to get through final exams. It can be a grandmother suffering from chronic pain who turned to painkillers like OxyContin or even the young mother whose need for sleep led to abuse of Valium, Ambien or Xanax.

Unfortunately, in the eyes of the law, prescription drugs and street drugs like crystal meth and heroin are just as serious. If the prescription wasn’t in your name or it was falsified or obtained illegally, the criminal consequences for prescription drug charges are serious. If you bought, sold or used prescription drugs illegally, you can face charges that could impact your freedom, your educational and career opportunities and even your ability to apply for credit or housing.

When your future is at stake over a prescription drug charge, get the strong defense of a legal team with experience in criminal defense. Big Valley Law has more than six decades of combined experience and the inside perspective of former prosecutors and drug offense officers for the commonwealth on our staff.

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