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Marijuana Possession

A Misdemeanor That Can Hurt Your Future: Marijuana Possession

Possession of a small amount of marijuana is a misdemeanor. Even though it is not considered a serious crime, we still take it seriously in terms of your defense because a drug conviction can hurt your educational, financial and employment opportunities.

Our drug crime defense lawyers represent college students, juveniles and adults with the priority of preventing a marijuana arrest from hurting their future. Because of the impact this charge can have on your life, we will pursue an aggressive defense or a negotiated resolution.

We handle the defense of felony and misdemeanor drug cases in the state and federal courts in Virginia. With two former prosecutors on our staff, we understand how the state prepares and argues drug cases. We can anticipate their strategies and know how to take the necessary steps to protect your constitutional rights.

There are defense strategies to protect you from the charge of marijuana possession.

When a misdemeanor crime has serious consequences, you need the help of Big Valley Law.