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Legal Defense Against Felony Drug Charges In Virginia

You need a professional drug lawyer with experience to fight felony drug charges. Big Valley Law has built a strong reputation in criminal law with decades of combined experience and the perspective of former prosecutors and specially trained drug offense officers on our legal team.

We have experience defending against felony drug charges at both the state and federal levels, including charges of drug trafficking and distribution, drug cultivation and manufacturing, conspiracy to commit drug crimes, possession or sale of illegal prescriptions, transporting with intent to sell, and possession with intent to distribute.

There are many ways to challenge these charges. We will look for the state’s weaknesses in your case by examining the evidence, the reliability of the informant, and the legal standards for conducting search and seizure.

The state does not have to catch you in the act of a sale to press charges. Prosecutors can present circumstantial evidence to establish the intent to sell. They will examine the quantity of drugs, the presence of drug paraphernalia or large amounts of cash, witness testimony and other factors. You will need an aggressive, seasoned lawyer fighting for your rights and defending your future.

When your future and freedom are on the line, you need Big Valley Law on your side.

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