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The court system remains in operation with some modifications to their procedures. We are still filing new cases and will work to bring your case to a resolution. We are here to help you with your criminal case and other legal needs. We are prepared to handle your case via e-mail and over the phone. Have any questions? Call us now, so we can get you on the phone with an attorney who can help.

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Expungement And Criminal Appeals

At Big Valley Law, we work diligently to limit the damage stemming from a conviction by examining the case against you for weaknesses that can be used to apply pressure on the prosecution. Our goal is to limit the damage of your charges, either by negotiating a favorable plea or taking your case to trial.

We can look at the case from both sides, with the perspective of a former prosecutor on staff. We handle criminal appeals if you were wrongfully convicted, harshly sentenced or need an expungement of an old arrest.