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Post-Conviction Advocacy From Big Valley Law

At Big Valley Law, our dedicated team is committed to helping guide you through the complexities of Virginia’s legal system following a conviction. We understand that the journey doesn’t end at sentencing, which is why we offer customized services in expungement, criminal appeals and the restoration of gun rights.

Our experienced attorneys, including a former prosecutor, bring a deep understanding of both sides of the courtroom. They use their deep legal knowledge to address your concerns and identify effective strategies to resolve your problems as promptly as possible.

Whether you’re seeking to challenge an unjust conviction, reduce a severe sentence or clear your name through expungement, our attorneys are equipped to protect your rights. Read on to discover the post-conviction services our attorneys provide.

Expungement And Criminal Appeals

At Big Valley Law, we work diligently to limit the damage stemming from a conviction by examining the case against you for weaknesses that can be used to apply pressure on the prosecution. Our goal is to limit the damage of your charges, either by negotiating a favorable plea or taking your case to trial.

We can examine the case from both sides, with the perspective of a former prosecutor on staff. We handle criminal appeals if you were wrongfully convicted, harshly sentenced or need an expungement of an old arrest.

Restoration Of Gun Rights

When you have repaid your debt to society as a convicted felon, you may be able to get your gun rights restored. A new state law went into effect in 2015 that may restore gun rights to some convicted felons. If you want to restore your right to bear arms, call the law offices of Big Valley Law for help.

With Big Valley Law on your side, we can help rebuild your life after a criminal charge or conviction. Get the help you need.

Probation Violations

When it comes to the legal system, you need to be informed and prepared for the different possibilities. You can land in jail if you’ve violated the rules of your probation.

Once the probationer appears in court on the violation, the case is resolved by a plea deal with the district attorney or by a hearing and sentencing by a judge.

If you’ve violated probation, you need legal help. Big Valley Law is experienced in confronting probation matters.

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