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Criminal Defense

When can the police search without a warrant?

Generally speaking, you do not have to let the police into your home without a warrant. They can certainly ask for your consent, and they often do. But you are not obligated to allow them to come in, even if they try to convince you that you are. Of course, they can...

What’s a Section 1001 violation?

You would never go out of your way to impede a federal investigation -- but having detectives show up at your door threw you for an emotional loop. In your panic, you didn’t exactly lie about what you know -- but you weren’t entirely truthful, either. You obfuscated...

What is larceny in Virginia?

Larceny is the legal term used in Virginia for what you (and most other people) might call theft. It means taking something without the owner’s permission and not intending to give it back. Virginia law splits larceny into two main categories: Petit larceny and grand...


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