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Top Causes of Traffic Accidents in Virginia


Even with the advancements made in technology, including increased safety, the number of accidents that occur in Virginia continue to rise. The cause of these accidents should be of important interests to everyone, including passengers, drivers, and pedestrians. Here are some of the top reasons for accidents in the state of Virginia.

Following Too Close

Drivers that have been given a ticket for following another vehicle too closely might question why this is even an issue. However, 40 percent of the traffic accidents in Virginia are due to one driver following another driver too closely. When one vehicle suddenly comes to a stop, the driver behind this vehicle is unable to stop before causing an accident or fatality. Being stopped for following too close could be a major offense, especially if the driver is known as an offensive driver to his insurance company, or in the eyes of the law.

Failure to Yield

The second largest cause of traffic accidents in Virginia (31 percent) is failing to yield. When a driver fails to yield to the right of way to another pedestrian, driver, or bicyclist, this could lead to serious collisions. All drivers should remember what is required to yield right of the way, such as vehicles that have the green light at an intersection, or pedestrians that are crossing at the corners or other crossroads. Most traffic accidents that are the result in failure to yield for Virginia are due to drivers failing to yield to another driver or pedestrian.

Driver Distraction

Nine percent of the traffic accidents in Virginia are due to driver distractions. These distractions are not limited to cell phone usage or other passengers in the car. Driver distractions can also be caused by:

  • Fatigue
  • Scenery watching
  • Reading newspapers, maps, books, or other documents
  • Adjusting the radio or CD player

Driving while talking on a cell phone, or texting from the mobile device, could quadruple a driver’s odds of crashing, which is why Virginia laws prohibit texting while driving, or the use of devices that are not hands-free. There are some exceptions, including emergency vehicles or lawfully parked and stopped vehicles.


Approximately 10 percent of driving accidents in Virginia are caused because one driver is speeding. The faster a driver is going, the less time she has to react. This is in addition to the increase in force that speeding has on the human body during a collision. Sometimes the injuries that a driver, passenger, or pedestrian experience are worse due to the impact of speeding, in comparison to the injuries caused by other traffic accidents. Exceeding the speed limit by five miles per hour, or more, makes the streets unsafe for other drivers or pedestrians. This is why the consequences of speeding could lead to jail time, license suspension, and hefty fines.

To prevent these issues from occurring, you will need to follow all of the laws and limits that have been set in place by state officials. Failing to do so could lead to accidents, criminal charges, and other serious issues. If you have been a part of an accident in Virginia and need legal assistance, contact our office today. We will provide you with the best legal representation possible.

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