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How Designated Drivers Can Have Fun this Labor Day Weekend

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2016 | DUI


Being a designated driver is a huge responsibility, but you can still have fun over the Labor Day weekend in Virginia. It is possible to have a lot of fun despite remaining sober, and by not drinking, you are going to remember every minute of the fun. While your friends who drink too much beer or wine might forget what they did at a special event, you won’t have that problem.

Tip One: Make Sure Others Know That You Are a Designated Driver

After accepting the responsibility of being a designated driver, decide how you are going to have fun without drinking any alcohol. If you are going to cookouts or bars where there is a lot of wine and beer, then make sure to wear a label that states that you are a designated driver. By wearing this information, other people will not offer you alcoholic beverages, and in some restaurants, you are offered free soft drinks.

Tip Two: Have a Plan to Enjoy Activities Without Drinking Alcohol

Fortunately, there are plenty of Labor Day weekend activities in Virginia to keep you busy without drinking alcohol. While the friends or relatives who are passengers in your vehicle might drink too much while attending the Papa Joe Smiddy Music Festival in Duffield, Va., you are going to have a lot of fun enjoying the music or drinking lemonade instead of beer.

Tip Three: Decide Where Passengers Will Sit in a Vehicle

To avoid a distraction while traveling from a barbecue at someone’s home to the Labor Day Spectacular in Wintergreen, Va., make sure to decide where everyone will sit inside your vehicle. If someone is already drunk and behaving strangely, then you do not want that person sitting next to you during a long road trip. It is a good idea to have a roomy vehicle to ensure everyone has enough space, and you must make sure that each passenger uses a seat belt.

Tip Four: Prepare For the Aftermath of Drinking Too Much

While you are not going to drink any alcohol, your friends may drink too much. Prepare ahead of time by having some plastic bags in a vehicle in case anyone gets sick during the ride home. Your passengers may need to have you stop at a rest stop or gas station to permit a bathroom break. Alcohol consumption leads to dehydration, so make sure to turn on a vehicle’s air conditioner and have a cooler filled with bottles of water.

Tip Five: Take Turns Being the Designated Driver

It isn’t fair for one person to work as the designated driver all of the time, but you can take turns by having another person perform this job on a different day of the weekend. A friend can work as a designated driver on Friday when you travel to the Main Street Busker Fest in Abingdon, Va., and you can be the designated driver on Monday at the American Music Festival in Virginia Beach.

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