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What You Should and Shouldn’t Do After a Car Accident


Car accidents are serious situations, and as such they require serious attention from the individuals involved. Whether an accident was your fault or you were a victim, it’s important to treat the situation with gravity.

But beyond that, it’s crucial to know what you should and shouldn’t do immediately after a crash occurs. If you’re not sure what that entails, keep reading.

You Should…

  • Call the Police
    Whether the accident was major or minor, you should always contact the police. Their accident reports are essential information for your insurance company and for your legal representation if you need it. Of all car crash fatalities, almost 11% are due to weather, and fault is usually left up to the police to decide.
  • Check for Injuries
    Beyond calling the police, your first priority should be checking for injuries. If you come across any potentially life-threatening injuries, contact emergency services immediately. But it’s generally a smart idea to contact emergency services anyway, as many injuries can be internal.
  • Contact an Attorney
    Working with car accident lawyers can help you in the event of a serious accident or a minor one that the police ruled you were at fault for. Regardless of your situation, it’s always a good idea to bring in attorneys who can assess your legal standing.

You Shouldn’t…

  • Notify Your Insurance Agent
    This absolutely needs to be done, but not at the scene of your accident. Rather than risk putting your foot in your mouth, it’s better to put off that phone call until you’ve calmed down or the car accident lawyers can handle it.
  • Sign Any Unofficial Paperwork
    Unless you’re presented with a form from the police or your insurance company, don’t sign anything. Worst case scenario, you won’t know what you’re signing and it could be detrimental to your legal standing.
  • Admit Fault
    When you admit fault, even to another driver, you’ve put yourself at legal risk. Even if the accident was your fault, that’s up to the police and a court of law to decide. If you admit this at the scene of the accident, it could be detrimental to your lawyer and your case as a whole.

Being involved in a car accident is nothing short of traumatic. If you keep these tips in mind, the whole process afterwards is sure to be smooth and problem-free.

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