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Report: Virginia very strict on speeding

Recently, WalletHub looked into how strict the different states are regarding speeding and reckless driving. The report ranked Virginia among the nation’s strictest on this front.

Specifically, it tied with three other states for being the 8th most strict overall when it comes to speeding and reckless driving. The states that tied Virginia for this spot were Illinois, Alabama and Washington.

Only one of Virginia’s neighbors was ranked stricter than it, and that was North Carolina (with a No. 7 ranking).

The two categories of factors that were looked at in coming up with these rankings were reckless driving penalties and speeding enforcement.

When it comes to reckless driving penalties, Virginia ranked in the middle of the road, coming in the No. 25 spot for strictness.

However, things were very different for speeding enforcement. For this category, Virginia ranked as the strictest in the whole nation.

As these rankings underscore, being accused of speeding is a particularly serious matter here in Virginia. It can lead to a person facing many things. In some instances, it could result in criminal charges of reckless driving being brought against a person. The potential consequences for a conviction on misdemeanor reckless driving include big fines, jail time, insurance rate increases and points off of your license.

So, reaching out for legal advice on one’s options can very be important when facing speeding accusations here in Virginia. This is particularly the case when the allegations rise to the level of being able to trigger reckless driving charges.

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