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Is marijuana now legal in Virginia?

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2018 | Drug Crimes

Laws can change over time as new information emerges concerning the best ways to protect public health and safety. One topic that has received a lot of attention in the national legal spotlight is marijuana and whether it should be considered an illegal substance. While some states have decriminalized the recreational use of marijuana, Virginia does not fall into that group.

In Virginia it is illegal to possess, manufacture, and sell marijuana. Individuals who are caught with marijuana on their persons or in their possession can face serious penalties. A conviction on a marijuana drug charge can have lasting effects on a person’s future and can impact their options for seeking employment in the future.

However, the Commonwealth does recognize the limited and narrow use of a marijuana product for certain medical patients. Patients who are given written prescriptions for CBD oil may possess it legally in the state to help them deal with their medical problems. While when this exception was created only patients with intractable epilepsy could obtain CBD oil by prescription, the Virginia legislature expanded the list of diseases that may qualify a person to get CBD oil through a prescription.

All drug crimes are serious and charges based on the alleged possession, manufacturing, or distribution of marijuana can completely change the course of a Virginia resident’s life. Marijuana is not legal in Virginia and individuals who are found possessing it can be punished through misdemeanor and felony charges. To protect one’s rights, speaking with a criminal defense attorney about how to prepare a defense can be a strong step for a person to take to overcome their legal problems and fight for their freedom.

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