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A defense may apply to a drug crimes charge

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2019 | Drug Crimes

Facing a criminal charge for drug possession can be a terrifying experience not only because criminal charges can carry with them very serious consequences, but also because developing a criminal record can follow a Virginia resident for the rest of their life. In order to avoid the many negative effects that a criminal drug conviction can have on a person’s immediate and long-term future an individual facing drug charges may wish to explore their possible defense strategies with their criminal defense attorney.

That is because there are a number of recognized defenses to drug crimes that can help individuals avoid conviction and the punishments that accompany them. One defense that may serve a drug crime defendant is the defense that the allegedly illegal drugs were not under their possession at the time of the defendant’s arrest. If illegal drugs were actually found on another person or in a place not under the control of the defendant then there may be insufficient evidence to prove that the defendant ever possessed them.

Additionally, a defendant may have a defense to their drug charges if they can show that mistakes were made during the collection or analysis of the drugs applicable to their case. For example, if law enforcement officials violated the defendant’s Fourth Amendment rights or if a lab demonstrated that the allegedly illegal drugs confiscated by law enforcement officials were not actually illicit then the defendant may have options for defending themselves.

Not every defense will apply in every drug case and therefore readers should discuss their options with their own defense attorneys. A lawyer who supports drug crime clients can guide defendants through their possible defense strategies and inform them of their alternatives under the law.

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