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Are you facing reckless driving charges in Virginia?

No matter how good a driver can be in Virginia mistakes can happen. Virginia drivers understand the importance of driving safely. They know how important it is to follow all driving laws and watch out for any hazards on the road. But sometimes life happens and drivers make mistakes. It is important for drivers to understand how serious a reckless driving charge can be.

If a Virginia driver is facing a reckless driving charge, they may think it is no big deal. Unfortunately, a reckless driving charge is actually quite serious. Reckless driving is a serious criminal offense that is a class 1 misdemeanor. Reckless driving occurs when a person is clocked driving more than 20 mph over the posted speed limit or drive over 80 mph regardless of the speed limit. A reckless driver conviction can bring a six-month license suspension, $2,500 in fines and 6 DMV points.

A reckless driving charge is nothing to fool around with. Our law firm defends Virginia drivers when they are facing these serious charges. Although a driver may think they are facing just a minor speeding ticket, a reckless driving charge is just as serious as driving drunk. Our law firm understands what is at stake and we offer aggressive and thorough representation. We know how to protect our client’s rights and understand the ins and outs of the law. We know how stressful a time this can be for our client and aim to reduce their stress and offer them superior service. We always put our client’s and their needs first and make sure they receive the best legal representation possible.

Virginia residents may be surprised at how little it takes to get a reckless driving charge. If a driver is facing these charges, our law firm can help make sure they are able to share their side of the story.

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