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A DUI can leave you struggling financially

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2019 | DUI

More and more states are tightening their drunk driving laws, and Virginia is no exception. In fact, many analysts rank Virginia among the top 20 strictest states for DUI laws, enforcement and penalties.

While you may be able to avoid a long jail sentence for a conviction, you may not be so fortunate to avoid the many related financial ramifications that add up quickly from the time of your arrest.

Common costs associated with a DUI

The real financial impact of a drunk driving conviction can be devastating. You may feel these expenses even more keenly if the conviction results in the loss of your job, your professional license or your reputation as a business owner.

It is common for those who face a conviction for a drunk driving offense to spend as much as $25,000 by the time they have paid all their penalties and fees. Some of those costs include the following:

  • A fine, which may reach thousands of dollars
  • Towing cost and the fee for impounding your vehicle
  • Court costs and fees, such as for your time in jail, your sentencing and other items
  • Fees for the supervision of your probation and community service
  • Paying for alcohol assessment, urine testing, treatment or education as the court orders
  • The cost of having your driver’s license reinstated after your suspension ends
  • Having your vehicle equipped with an ignition interlock system, which is mandatory for all DUI convictions in Virginia and many other states
  • A hike in your car insurance premiums, perhaps as high as four times what you were paying

Of course, there may be other expenses, especially if your arrest involved an accident with property damage or injuries. However, even a simple DUI conviction can have long lasting financial consequences that you will undoubtedly want to avoid if possible.

By enlisting the services of an aggressive criminal defense attorney from the earliest moments after your arrest, you may be able to build a strong case for your defense with the goal of minimizing any negative outcomes.

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