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Alcohol Facts: True or false?

Many of us like have a couple of beers, cocktails or glasses of wine from time to time, but if we are to drink, we should know the facts. 

Can coffee sober you up?

Can men drink more than women without feeling the same buzz?

Does eating beforehand help fend of drunkenness?

Is it beneficial to have a high alcohol tolerance?

You can find the answers to these true or false questions below.

Question: Can coffee sober you up when you’re drunk?

Answer: False. The only way to speed up sobriety is to get a new liver. The rate at which your liver processes the alcohol (one drink per hour) is how long it will take to fully sober up. All coffee will do is provide a false sense of sobriety. You may feel sober, but you aren’t.

Question: Can men drink more than women without feeling the same buzz?

Answer: True. Men often weigh more, which means it takes longer for the alcohol to fully concentrate in the blood. Second, men carry more water in their bodies, which dilutes the alcohol more than it would in a women’s body. Putting gender aside, height, weight, fat to muscle ratio, ethnicity, your level of hydration, emotional state, illness and drug use all factor into how fast your blood alcohol content (BAC) will raise and lower.

Question: Does eating beforehand help fend of drunkenness?

Answer: True. Eating foods with a high absorption rate like bread and protein will assist the body by slowing down the speed in which alcohol enters the bloodstream. When the body is absorbing alcohol, it will do so quicker on an empty stomach. Also, when you eat before a night of drinking, your stomach is fuller, which can lead to fewer drinks.

Question: Is it beneficial to have a high alcohol tolerance?

Answer: True and False. In the sense that you can drink more without feeling as drunk as the next person, yes, your high tolerance is beneficial. Alcohol tolerance is mostly about how you feel, not your actual level of drunkenness. Also, if you have a higher tolerance, it likely means that you drink more often than your counterparts, which could lead to alcoholism. The key is to be aware of how much you drink, when you drink and when you should shy away.


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