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New driving laws come to Virginia

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2021 | Reckless Driving

Understanding the changes in traffic laws helps you to be a better-informed driver. Below are some critical updates to rules about driving and traffic offenses.

Change in reckless driving speed limit

The state has passed a new law that changes the rules for reckless driving charges. As of July 1, 2020, drivers traveling on the state’s fastest highways with posted speed limits of 70 miles per hour will no longer face criminal law penalties at 80 mph but instead at 85 mph.

This change reflects a previous speeding threshold of 15 mph or above the posted speed limit for reckless driving charges. Many proponents of the law argue that the state’s standard was 15 mph until 2010, when several highways’ speed limits changed from 65 mph to 70 mph. Even if not facing potential reckless driving charges, however, law enforcement officers urge drivers to adhere to the speeding limits on highways.

The change in the reckless driving law is a win for drivers across the state. With the updated law, there is potential to ease the burden on motorists in Virginia from expensive fines and potential jail time. However, if you have reckless driving charges or another serious traffic violation pending, it would best to meet with a criminal law attorney to discuss your case.

Passing lane changes

Another new law that motorists may find helpful is one that simplifies the requirements for using the passing lane on the highway.

If you have ever been stuck behind a slow-moving car in the passing lane, you are in luck! The new law no longer requires that you honk your horn to request slower motorists move over. Now slower drivers must move over when they notice a faster-moving car behind them.

Keeping up to date on the driving laws can keep you and your loved ones safe and out of the crosshairs of law enforcement. Safe travels on the road!

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