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How can you defend a reckless driving charge?

On Behalf of | May 13, 2021 | Reckless Driving

The charge of reckless driving covers a variety of things in Virginia. Knowing how to defend against it requires looking at why the police charged you and the circumstances in which they did so.

Regardless of the reason for the charge, a reckless driving conviction will carry harsh penalties. It is not something to dismiss.

There are many possible defenses to a reckless driving charge

Here are some of the possible defenses to consider if charged with reckless driving:

  • You were not driving at the time: Sometimes, the police go after a vehicle they believe did something wrong. If the traffic is heavy, it may take time to reach you and pull you over. You might have pulled over and swapped drivers by then. They could be charging the wrong person.
  • The police have the wrong vehicle: Cars are not as distinct as they once were. The police might have seen a black SUV driving recklessly, but that does not mean it was your black SUV. Poor visibility due to darkness, rain or obstruction by other traffic can make identifying a vehicle difficult.
  • You were not going as fast as they say: The police may accuse you of reckless driving based on speed. You need to find out how they achieved this measurement and if the equipment used was accurate.
  • It was an emergency: Did you have a valid reason to be driving the way you were? Were you rushing someone to the hospital with blood pouring out of a wound to their head?
  • The police did not act appropriately: Police must follow procedures when making a traffic stop or charging someone.

There is no one way to defend against a reckless driving charge. Sometimes the best option may be to seek to reduce the charge to improper driving. You need legal help to examine your situation and discover the best defense option for you.


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