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Should you worry if stopped by the police when driving?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2021 | Criminal Defense

When the police motion at you to stop your car, your first reaction might be panic. Yet panicking is what gets many people into trouble that they could have avoided by staying calm.

What does it mean when the police tell you to pull over? It means pull over, and at this point, it means nothing more than that. It might mean they want to give you a ticket, it might mean they want to search your car, or it might mean they want to tell you something, or ask you something and send you on your way.

4 actions to avoid in a traffic stop

Acting in the wrong way at a traffic stop could lead to problems. Here are some things to avoid:

  • Don’t keep on driving: If the police tell you to stop, then stop. Do not pretend you did not see the police car or speed up to get away. Both could have severe repercussions.
  • Don’t second guess them: “Hi officer, I am sorry I was going over the speed limit” could lead to a charge the officers had no intention of issuing. Great the officer, if you wish, but do not tell them something they have not asked.
  • Don’t answer a question if you do not want to answer: If you think you might have done something wrong, it may be better to stay silent and only speak with law officials in the presence of an attorney.
  • Don’t move too much: If you start reaching for something or look like you will get out of the car when the police have not asked you to, they may worry you are going to pull a weapon on them. Sit still and keep your hands on the wheel where they can see them. If you need to get your license out of your bag, ask them first.

If the police charge you with a driving offense, there are several ways to defend against the charge. Staying calm when they stop you gives you a better chance of succeeding and may help you avoid a ticket in the first place.


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