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3 reasons people seek pretrial diversion through the drug courts

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2022 | Drug Crimes

The Virginia drug courts offer a viable alternative for those accused of drug possession and other nonviolent offenses related to substance abuse. If an individual can connect their crime to addiction and meet all of the other requirements for drug court, they can avoid a standard criminal trial. 

The trade-off will be frequent hearings and meetings in a process that can last for months or more than a year. Why do many people seek adjudication in the Virginia drug courts when facing criminal charges?

The drug courts help you get treatment

When substance abuse is the underlying cause of someone’s criminal actions, addressing the addiction may prevent future infractions. Individual counseling and intensive rehabilitation services are often mandatory for those going through the drug courts. Meeting those requirements could help you resolve your substance abuse issue so you won’t face arrest again in the future.

They aren’t at risk of prison

The drug courts essentially eliminate the worst consequences of a charge if you comply with all the obligations imposed by the judge. Instead of incarceration and big fines, the penalties you face may include inpatient treatment and the costs associated with that care.

They avoid a criminal record

When you complete all of the requirements set by the judge overseeing your case, the charge that led to your drug court involvement will not become part of your permanent record. Instead of meeting to explain to every future landlord and employer about your brush with the criminal justice system, you can cleanly move on with your life.

Looking into the options for responding to pending drug charges can help you eliminate or reduce the most serious consequences.

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