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Dumb mistakes drivers make when pulled over for a suspected DUI

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2022 | DUI

When an officer pulls you over because they think you’ve had too much to drink, small mistakes can lead to major consequences. Everything you say and all of your actions can help an officer build a case against you. 

If they gather enough evidence to justify arresting you, you could very well find yourself facing driving under the influence (DUI) charges. The worse your behavior during your interaction with the police, the greater your chances of facing other charges, like accusations of assaulting an officer. 

Making the wrong choice during your interaction on the roadside with a police officer could increase your chances of an arrest and make it harder for you to defend yourself later. What are some of the biggest mistakes possible during a DUI road stop? 

Not complying with officers

You may not be happy about the traffic stop, but disobeying police officers will only make your situation worse. Talking back and refusing to follow instructions may lead to a police officer escalating the situation or developing a personal grudge against you, which can only hurt your case. 

The same is true at checkpoints. You can be polite while still asserting your basic rights, such as the right to deny a search of your vehicle. 

Admitting to taking prescription medication and drinking

When a police officer asks you if you have had anything to drink, you don’t want to lie. You can admit to having a drink without necessarily admitting you broke the law.

However, if you volunteer too much information when you answer them, they might use that as the probable cause they require to demand a chemical breath test. Telling an officer that you are drunk or that you combined prescribed medication with alcohol could be a mistake that directly leads to your arrest. 

Using mouthwash to trick the police

Some people swish with mouthwash when police pull them over to cover other scents. The issue with this trick is that the high alcohol concentration of alcohol in the mouthwash may lead to a failed breath test

Your furtive behavior in the vehicle as the officer approaches may also make them more suspicious or give them a reason to search your vehicle. 

Realizing how your own actions can make it harder for you to defend yourself in court later can help you avoid common mistakes that lead to drunk driving convictions.

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