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How can a DUI conviction impact your career?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2022 | DUI

Many people do not appreciate that getting convicted for driving under influence (DUI) is a big deal. Unfortunately, it actually is. A conviction for drunk driving can lead to serious legal consequences. 

However, there is more to a DUI conviction than getting your driver’s license suspended, paying the fines and, in the worst case scenario, going to jail. A drunk driving conviction can also impact other aspects of your life. One of these is your career. 

Here are two ways a drunk driving conviction can potentially derail your career. 

A conviction can lead to your suspension from college

Most colleges run background checks on prospective students before admission. Any criminal record can lead to your admission refusal. And if you are already enrolled, a DUI conviction can lead to your suspension from the college. A DUI conviction can also lead to the denial or withdrawal of your student financing and scholarship opportunities. 

A conviction will pop up during your background check

Not only can a DUI ruin your college prospects, it can also prevent you from landing your dream job. Like colleges, employers too are in the habit of running background checks on potential employees during the recruitment process. If you have a DUI on your record, the following will pop up:

  • A court record of your trial and conviction
  • Your punishment, including incarceration as well as time served
  • Your post-conviction driving record

As you can imagine, finding work after a DUI conviction can be very difficult, especially if your job involves driving. 

Getting convicted for drunk driving is a serious matter. If you are arrested and charged with drunk driving, it is in your best interests that you explore your defense options and protect your rights to the best of your ability. 

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