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3 reasons you shouldn’t take an eyewitness at their word

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2023 | Criminal Defense

If the police start questioning you about an alleged criminal offense, they may tell you that they have an eyewitness who has given crucial evidence that will certainly lead to your conviction.

While they might indeed have this supposed evidence, they also might not. Here are some reasons why you should doubt what they say.

The police sometimes play people off against each other

You’ll need to find out more about who the eyewitness is when constructing your defense strategy. Casting doubt on their honesty could prove a key defense tactic if they have a reason to lie about you. It might be they are trying to blame you for a crime they committed or to gain leniency from the police or courts over other crimes they committed.

People who think they saw you might not have

People can be wrong about what they remember seeing. Experiments have shown that people can fail to spot something right in front of them because they are focused on something else entirely – it’s how magicians work their sleight of hand.

Poor lighting or weather can also affect what someone thinks they have seen, as can influences such as consuming alcohol, being tired and more. Memories can distort with time or with outside influence too. Just think about the memories you have of your childhood. Were visits to your aunty really as painful as you remember? Was it really always sunny during your beach vacations?

If the police believe that you have committed a crime, you should exercise your legal right to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. An experienced, professional of pair of hands who understands police tactics and the myriad of defense options available to you can help you avoid potentially costly mistakes.

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