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3 of the most abused drugs by college students

On Behalf of | May 8, 2023 | Drug Crimes

While most people think college is a continuation of high school, there is more to it. College unveils a world full of opportunities to try and experience new things. It also allows students to explore their options and live independently. Unfortunately, this is where teens often start to engage in risky behaviors without considering the consequences.

In college, students may engage in drugs to ease exam tensions and explore their newly found freedom. However, drug use and possession are crimes, so it’s wise to learn more about the common drugs they might abuse.


Marijuana remains the most abused drug in colleges. While marijuana is legal in Virginia, people have been using it for the past years, and college is where most of them tried it for the first time. The law prohibits this drug’s use, possession or growth in educational institutions. In addition, marijuana should not be used for recreational or medicinal purposes in college or at college-sponsored events.


This is another commonly abused drug in colleges. Many students are introduced to alcohol during parties. While most don’t drink, they tend to binge drink, consuming a lot of alcohol in that period, increasing their blood alcohol content dangerously high. If a student under 21 attempts to drive while drunk, they may be convicted of an underage DUI

Prescription pills

Most students go to college and get disappointed because life is much more complex than they thought. Moreover, classwork gets more complicated as they move up the levels. As a result, most students use prescription pills to increase their concentration while studying for exams. 

Drug abuse in college is becoming a common issue, and your child might engage in criminal activity unknowingly. Moreover, what they call an exploration of their freedom can quickly become a crime or cause addiction. If your child is caught using drugs in college, seek legal guidance to determine their defense options and protect their future. 

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