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Harrisonburg, VA Reminds Residents to Get Their Car Seats Checked


Even if you drive safely on the streets of Harrisonburg, VA and the surrounding areas, an accident can occur through absolutely no fault of your own. Recently, the City of Harrisonburg has reminded residents that the key to safety with young children is to make sure that their car seats are installed correctly. Even the smallest of installation issues could lead to serious injury if a car accident were to take place. Even if you believe that the car seat is installed as it should be, don’t hesitate to get your car seats checked.

If you’re interested in getting your car seats checked, the local Harrisonburg Fire Department is currently offering an inspection of car seats, as well as education on how to ensure the car seats are installed properly in the future. It’s particularly important to pay attention to this issue during the summer, during the time when most families tend to take their annual vacations. On staff at the Harrisonburg Fire Department is a full-time child safety seat technician, so you can be confident that your car seat will be installed correctly after having this employee check it.

This technician will also teach each family that attends on how to safely transport children in their vehicles. If a car seat needs to be installed, they will go over with the parent on how to do so instead of simply installing it themselves. One of the primary reasons that incorrect placement of these seats has become such an issue is due to the fact that the common problems resulting in an incorrectly installed seat can be as minor as the seat being slightly too loose or set at an incorrect angle. These mistakes are very easy to make, even when looking over the installation a couple of times. Additional problems include not harnessing the child correctly and not using the lower anchors as they are intended to be used.

This has been a particular problem in Harrisonburg, VA and the surrounding counties. While nearly 75 percent of all car seats are actually installed incorrectly throughout the nation, this number is substantially higher when just considering local counties. Such a small mistake can lead to injuries to the child if a crash were to occur, even if the crash is something as minor as a fender bender. The safety seat technician employed by the seat will be able to install the seat or simply inspect it if need be, while also providing you with all of the necessary information you need about seat installation. This is done in under 30 minutes.

If you’re interested, you can make an appointment with the safety seat technician by contacting Ariel Rodriguez at 540-810-0527 on Mondays through Fridays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Even if you’re certain that you’ve installed your car seat correctly, brushing up on everything you need to do to keep your child safe while riding in a vehicle can pay dividends now and in the future.

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